Harley-Davidson Now Has an Official Store on Amazon

In this day and age, being a company the size of Harley-Davidson and not selling your products on Amazon is like building motorcycles and keeping them in the garage. And Harley had to do something about that.

Starting October 1, apparel and riding gear created by the bike builder itself are now available on the online retail giant’s platform, opening a prospective market of hundreds of millions of customers in the U.S.

“We live in an on-demand, anywhere, anytime business environment where success depends on the ability to meet consumers on their turf and on their terms,“ said in a statement Heather Malenshek, Harley’s marketing executive.

“The reach Amazon offers is critical to building stronger customer relationships, inspiring new people and creating an integrated online and in-dealership retail experience – all of which leads to profitable growth and a stronger brand.”

The main goal of the bike maker’s deal with Amazon is to reach out to what calls the “next generation,” a group it also targets with the new bikes it plans to launch in coming years.

The first bullet fired at them is the LiveWire electric motorcycle which will be launched next year. Based on the LiveWire project first presented in 2014, the production version will build on years of test rides taken by fans all over the world.

There is no word on the specs of the future electric bike, but at the time of its presentation, the concept was equipped with a longitudinal three-phase AC motor developing 74 horsepower.

LiveWire will spawn “a broad, no-clutch twist and go portfolio of electric two-wheelers” which will be made available starting 2022.

Until then, Americans, riders or not, will get the chance to buy an official Harley item on Amazon. Granted, the offering is not all that great right now, but we expect it to grow in future months.

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