Harley Extreme Sports Amputee Rider Remington Bloch Kicks Butt

Losing his leg only made Remington Bloch a more determined rider.

Remington Bloch was a man who lived a life of danger. He did it all: Off-roading, sports cars, lifted trucks, mountain biking, surfing, stunt riding, motocross, and supermoto. He was actually training to be a pilot, and like many men in their twenties, in his mind he seemed indestructible. Then one day while heading out with some friends to grab lunch, a car ran a light and T-boned him, sending him flying off of his Suzuki dual sport bike.

He was shaken, but had fallen plenty of times and figured that maybe he had broken his ankle or hip. But when he finally started to regain his senses, he realized his right foot was literally hanging by a tendon. There was no other option but to amputate the severely shattered leg below the knee.

Often an accident like that, even without the loss of a leg, will cause a rider to swear off motorcycles for the rest of their lives; but not Bloch. He was back on a bike not too long after getting fitted with a prosthetic. If anything, the injury gave his life a laser-like focus. Not only did he now know that it could all be taken away in an instant, but he had a cause to fight for: Helping amputees live a full active life.

“Everyday, people get up not expecting to be the day that changes their life forever, or their last day on Earth even,” Remington writes on his blog Traumatically Altered. “Living through a near death experience gives you a confidence; if you made it through that really bad day, you can make it through any bad day.”

‘Living through a near death experience gives you a confidence; if you made it through that really bad day, you can make it through any bad day.’

The accident was in summer of 2016. By fall he was learning to walk all over again with a prosthetic leg, and by October he was learning to ride a motorcycle. He wasn’t playing around with a little dirt bike either, he was back up on his custom Sportster cafe racer. His bikes are modified with a rear brake lever mounted along with the clutch on the left handlebar grip.

Bloch was not content to just cruise either. Before the accident he had been a semi-pro stunter, performing wheelies, burnouts, and more crazy feats on his tricked out Harley-Davidson XR1200. It was just a matter of time before he was back up on his bike doing it again.

But that wasn’t enough excitement for a man who had just had a near death experience. In 2017, he hatched a plan to tour the country raising money and awareness. Soon he was packed up in a lifted truck, towing a trailer with his stunt bikes, and putting on shows everywhere he went. He launched his apparel company, Traumatically Altered, selling t-shirts with a positive message for amputees and other trauma survivors, donating 10% of profits to charity.

He also started racing in AMA SuperMoto events, easily earning himself a Pro license by the end of the year.

Now in 2018, the young man who has already overcome more challenges than most people could imagine, is going to test his limits further in the 2018 AMA Pro SuperMoto circuit. SuperMoto combines aspects of road racing and motocross, with the course typically featuring tight asphalt corners, a jump or two, and sometimes even a dirt section. For this Bloch is riding a KTM 450 which he rescued from a beat up state and turned into a race bike with a decidedly home built flair.

You can watch him in his first regional race, in Miami, right here from his Traumatically Altered YouTube channel.

If you want to help out Bloch, check out his GoFundMe page, which was started to help defray the costs of his privateer racing effort. He is currently looking for sponsorship as well. You can keep up with all of his extreme sports exploits via the Traumatically Altered Instagram page.

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