Harley-Davidson India unveils mobile dealership at India Bike Week

In a bid to expand its footprint in India, iconic American motorcycle-manufacturer Harley-Davidson unveiled its first mobile dealership, named Legend on Tour, at India Bike Week (IBW) in Goa. The mobile dealership is basically a bus coach designed as a moving showroom. The vehicle has been designed by ace Indian automobile designer Dilip Chhabria of DC Design.

The mobile dealership will showcase the brand’s latest motorcycles and motorcycle parts. The coach will also accessories for the motorcycles along with merchandise. Currently on display at IBW, the mobile showroom will travel to Mumbai, followed by Pune, Goa, Bangalore and Coimbatore in March.

“We have an expansive portfolio of 13 motorcycles and ensuring the right motorcycle is available at the right place at the right time is crucial to a great customer experience. ‘Legend on Tour’ is a strategic step undertaken by us to expand the reach of our brand and we are delighted to have DC Design, design it for us,” said Harley-Davidson India Managing Director Vikram Pawah.

The move is being seen as a strategic step by Harley-Davidson to further expand its brand reach in India. The American company is experiencing tougher completion in India with the arrival of Triumph Motorcycles. Fellow American manufacturer UM Motorcycles also entered India during the Auto Expo 2016.

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